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Intentionally this project was concipated for the german market only. But the experiences we made during the european exhibition "denkmal 2006" and "denkmal 2008" in Leipzig inspired us to allow non-german speakers as well to look into our project.

Meanwhile we received inquiries about versions in Swedish, French, English, Polish, Czech, Portuguese and further languages. So we decided to develop all new components with the possibility of a multi- lingual interface. The existing elements of dored will also gradually be equipped with a multilingual interface. This interface (based on the international standard XLIFF) allows native speakers or translators to establish versions in any language. If you are interested please contact us.

A more detailed English description of the project and the progress of the development process will follow soon here.

Dored is a software solution for restorers and conservators.

Dored is a software solution based on the database development system 4th Dimension (4D). 4D was established in 1984 and is used around the world in more than 15.000 development departments.

Restoration documentation is complex – dored makes it manageable!

dored is devided in thematic moduls. This allows a task-oriented input and management of information. Because of the relational links between the moduls multiple entry of data is avoided. All the single information can be outlined procect related by the user - and thereby printed.

dored is available for Windows as well as for MacOS. system requirements

We are constantly working on providing further information on this page. Please visit again after a couple of weeks.

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